70.8% of the world is covered by water, there is a beach requesting your presence

Water has been called the essence of life, and we agree. No matter the season of the year, there is a beach destination available to provide warmth, renewal and rejuvenation.


What used to be considered “a winter destination” most beach resorts are now year-round vacation opportunities. We have associates in the finest beach resort destinations worldwide, from the tranquil waters of the Caribbean to the surfing off Hawaii and Central America to the harbors along the Mediterranean to the hideaways of the Indian Ocean.


There are those who desire a villa on the La Côte d'Azur or a luxury flat in Capri, we can assist you.  For romantics, we suggest the beauty and seclusion of the Seychelles or the laid-back lifestyle of French Polynesia.  For those who wish to keep their names in bold-face, we may suggest The Hamptons, Cape Cod or Hilton Head. For the discreet, a private island is paparazzi-proof.


A beach vacation can be accommodated during any month of the year. Please feel free to  advise us at Concierge Services and Consulting of your wishes, we’ve been there. From the popular to the desolate, it is available.