About Joseph Sobin

Founder of Concierge Services & Consulting

A native of New York City, Joseph’s parents planted the desire to travel early. At 6 months of age, Joseph flew to the Virgin Islands while his pram was sent to Paris (the days of Pan Am), there had to be a better way to facilitate the luxury travel experience. Fast forward a few years and travel to 6 continents later. Joseph’s gregarious personality and fastidious nature has led to personal and professional relationships worldwide.


Joseph holds advanced academic degrees associated with tourism and hospitality. In addition, he was been awarded the coveted designations of Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) and Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) by The Travel Institute, the certification entity within the travel community. 


“To travel is innate. It is part of our genetics to explore. Throughout the history of the human race, we have been travelers and explorers. From the earliest over-land travel to crossing oceans via ship to modern day jets, where do you wish to travel to?”

Joseph A. Sobin, CTC/CTIE


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