Weddings, honeymoons or just to reawaken the flame, all done with love

Romance, one of the few words which translates into most languages and an “action” which is truly louder than words. Every individual has their own definition of Romance. While the popular media and many resorts have assumed the visual definition of romance is a couple walking hand-in-hand on the beach, while we agree, there is so much more.


At Concierge Services and Consulting, we offer the opportunity for you, our client to provide your own definition of romance. Whether it is the exchanging of wedding vows at the base of the Eiffel Tower, a honeymoon in an eco-oriented beach house in Costa Rica, or a weekend getaway to a private island, the opportunities are limitless.


With more than a decade of experience in the art of merging travel and romance, have planned and executed destination weddings, honeymoons, adult getaways; if you can envision it, we can facilitate it. A few of our more popular “romance” trips:


• The Proposal: during dinner on a yacht in San Francisco Bay, the skyline of the city against the impending evening sky with the sun setting beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.


• The Wedding: on the sands of St. John, USVI with guests attired in Tommy Bahama beachwear and enjoying an informal reception with a fire-pit on the beach with local rum punch replacing traditional champagne.


• The Honeymoon: A safari in South Africa, the honeymoon suite; a private luxury tent on stilts above the game reserve with a hot tub positioned over the brush with only Giraffes as intruders.


• The Reaffirmation: of vows in a church tucked away on a Tuscan hillside, the service in Italian followed by a private lunch in a stone farm house.


• The Adventure: a ceremony on skis at the top of Vail Mountain, the bride and groom lead the way down the slope to the formal reception.


• The Idyllic: The over-water private suite with plunge pool situated adjacent to the Indian Ocean.