Concierge Services & Consulting

Where no request is unreasonable

Founded in 1998 as Colorado Concierge Services, the company brought together the unique talents of an expert travel agent and a most knowledgeable concierge to provide clients with the pinnacle of travel planning opportunities. One call service for all the deluxe and luxury traveler’s needs.


Clients are able to have all their travel wishes and desires facilitated with one point of contact including but not limited to:


Air: Commercial and Private (general) aviation

Lodging: Luxury hotels, resorts, private villa and vacation rentals

Ground Transport: Chauffeur service, personal deluxe rental, luxury rail

Water: Deluxe cruises, private yacht charters, unique port opportunities

Touring: Professional guides, private access tours, security staff

Dining: Reservation at the world’s finest tables, private chef service, catering

Recreation: Skiing, Golf, Tennis, Sailing, Private Hunts and more


In 2005 Colorado Concierge Services was re-named Concierge Services and Consulting to more accurately reflect the opportunities available to clients via their world-wide network of peers in the hospitality and tourism industry. The company continues to expand working with high-net-worth clientele who request the personalized services and expert advice offered by Concierge Services and Consulting.