Joseph Sobin

ABOUT: Joseph Sobin CTC/CTIE, principal of Concierge Services and Consulting has the insight and experience needed to assist in meeting your goals and objectives for your company. In the ever-changing zeitgeist of Hospitality, Tourism and Resort Development, Joseph and his associates understand bigger is not always better. Their “boutique” business approach reflects this. Over 50% of client inquiries are referred to others for whom Joseph believes would provide better services for the client’s goals. Selectivity is not elitist, it is being true to one’s capabilities. The aspirations of an owner, operator, CEO and stakeholder are truly individual. Yet with appropriate planning, implementation and monitoring, goals and objectives can be met and usually exceeded to our client’s satisfaction. Our mantra is “We exceed your expectations, anything less and we have not realized our fullest potential.”

About Joseph Sobin: With Dual Masters Degree’s in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Resort Planning Development and Strategic Marketing for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Certified Travel Counselor and Destination Specialist Designations coupled with 15 plus years in travel, tourism, hospitality and real estate marketing consultancy, Joseph and his team deliver tangible, practical results for their clients.

Their work is on-time, compelling, and professional. Joseph also holds real estate brokerage licenses in the states of Colorado and New York.
Joseph writes a Travel Industry Column for and is a frequent guest lecturer concerning Marketing and Public Relations at New York University’s Tisch School of Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management Joseph and his associates specialize in the deluxe, luxury and green market niche utilizing an extensive network of travel, tourism, hospitality and real estate professionals

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